Our Services

Services to take your business to the next level

Video Production

We provide full-service video production from scripting to filming to editing and strive to make the process as simple for you as possible!

Social Media

Allow Five Thirteen Media to strategize a posting plan, create content accordingly, and actually post for you! Social media is today's "second website" and a quality page is necessary to help grow your brand.

Video Implementation

Five Thirteen Media has partnered with a marketing team that puts your videos in front of the right people through digital marketing and advertising.

Video Production

Our Process

Five Thirteen Media creates a video script after receiving your ideas and shares the script with you for review and edits. Collaboratively, we fine-tune the script and agree on the final copy. Then, Five Thirteen Media develops a visual plan to complement the script (audio). This involved planning specific shots to streamline the filming day process. 


Together, we plan the filming days, ensure both parties are aware of the requirements and what is needed for day of filming, and provide a detailed schedule for the film day.


The big day is here! Our team with all our equipment arrives and we aim to work efficiently while being courteous to regular operations.

Post Production

In post production, we take the footage and begin editing your videos. Within 3-4 weeks, you’ll receive the first drafts for feedback. We allow two rounds of revisions before additional editing costs occur.

Social Media

Content Creation

Let Five Thirteen Media take the stress of social media content creation and posting off your plate! We will handle creating posts and captions, scheduling posts, and posting on your social media. We will get approval from you regarding all scheduled content before it is posted.

Planning and Posting

Five Thirteen Media will strategize and plan each week’s posting plan and provide you with very clear expectations on the post’s photo/video, caption and even hashtags. For all reels, we will provide a link for you to watch and give feedback or approval on the video before it is posted.

Video Implementation

The Problem

We have discovered that many of the businesses we work with do not have the time or team to implement the videos we’ve created appropriately. Why spend money on video if it doesn’t get used to its fullest potential and in front of the right people?


Let Five Thirteen Media take the videos we’ve created and put them in front of the right audience and who the videos were intended for! We have partnered with Kanopy, a marketing company, to be able to run ads on Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. This takes your video investment and multiplies it, making sure that your video get in front of the right people and you get a better return on your investment!

Analytics and Ad-Spend Report

Each week, we will provide you with your own Ad-spend dashboard that details out all of the adspend on all accounts. Then, you can go into the dashboard and see how your ads are converting in real time. Keep in mind, the higher the adspend the more analytics we can run!

Our commitment
Video is not one size fits all.

Video is not one size fits all and we deeply value collaboration with the businesses we work with! We ask intentional questions to figure out how video can help you accomplish your specific goals. Whether that is growing your brand, gaining more sales, improving your internal processes, or so much more, we take the time to learn about your business and let your voice and desires carry us through the whole video production process. It is our goal to help you elevate your business to new heights!

Create a brand message video to showcase your business on your website or social media platforms. It will establish a personal connection with your customers and future prospects.

Customer testimonials are valuable because they help validate your business. We all check local business’s reviews before we book them, right? Imagine how much impact a spoken testimonial would have when trying to seal the deal for your prospective customer!

What are some pain points in your business and how can that be solved through video? That is a question I love asking to businesses. This question has allowed us to create videos for businesses that drastically improve their employee attendance, company culture, onboarding process and more. 

Have a product or service that you would like to showcase or highlight through video? We will create a dynamic video that is sure to grab your customers attention.

Have an event that you want to create a video for? Allow our team to come and capture your event and create a highlight video to attract more attendees for future events.