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Grace Marriage Teaser

We had the privelage to film a series of videos for Grace Marriage featuring Debra Fileta who is a Lancaster based author, counselor and public speaker. Debra, you are very talented and filled with wisdom, we had an incredible time working with you on this project. Here is a snapshot of sample of the series. Follow Grace Marriage At Home to see updates on how to watch the entire series.

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Coffee Co Brand Video

Coffee Company is a Lancaster based coffee shop and cafe. They have been around since the 80’s. Since the new ownership of John and Heidi they went from 1 location to 4 locations throughout Lancaster bringing their incredible coffee, food and service to even more people in the region. We are honored to partner with Coffee Co by creating this video as well as their employee training videos. 

Plum Creek Farm Story

It was an honor to work with the Plum Creek team to create this short film about their farm. I have done a few projects with the Plum Creek team and each time I am even more impressed with their passion, integrity and ingenuity when it comes to their business, they really do care about their community and customers. This is why I love what I do, I get to work with businesses that put people first and help its a privilege to help those businesses grow!

SM Lawncare Brand Video

SM Lawncare is an incredible lancdscap and lawncare company based out of Lititz PA. Shaun(the owner) is a good friend and I can attest to his integrity and hard work in and out of business. It was an honor to do this brand video for SM as well as some testimonials, social videos and photography to help improve their branding going into 2023

HK Keller Customer Testimonial

Keller Fundraising team helps countless non-profits host events. Through their auctioneering expertise, they do the hard work to help non-profits raise more funds to serve their community.  We had the honor of creating this testimonial for one of their events.

Keystone Custom Decks Testimonial

Keystone Custom Decks is leading the outdoor living game in southern Pennsylvania. They do top-tier decks and outdoor living spaces, but on top of that, they are an incredible company! They care for their staff and customers well and are incredibly generous to a multitude of non-profits. Our customer testimonials video showcases their excellent work!

Wilson Pump Promotional Video

Wilson pumps are out to revolutionize the soft serve industry! They designed and built a pump replacement that allows fruit and baked goods to be added directly into the soft serve ice cream, providing the customer with the best, most authentic, flavor and texture possible.